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About Accessible Hotels for Disabled

Accessallrooms.com (AAR) is the brainchild of Paralympic torch bearer & sportsman James Price who has been on a 10 year journey to make this project come to life, but more about our founder & MD later...

Our Mission

Accessallrooms.com has one very clear & simple mission: To revolutionise the travel industry by implementing a hotel booking website that ALSO provides information on Wheelchair Accessible Hotels & Hotels For Disabled. This will be achieved through the following:

  • A hotel booking website for everyone providing access to all room types available for booking in real time, including accessible rooms for non-disabled & disabled customers alike
  • The world's first globally recognised hotel rating for access - the Global Access Award Scheme (GAAS Ltd), designed to provide information on wheelchair accessible hotels & hotels for disabled
  • The largest database in the world of hotel accessible information & therefore the largest choice of bookable hotels & GAAS Graded accessible rooms, online, anywhere

AAR has been designed to be a user friendly hotel booking website with an ever growing database of hotels from all over the world, displayed in an attractive & simple fashion with a hotel booking process that's simple & easy to use.

Our revolution starts here - room by room

We want to revolutionise how the travel industry relays and sells information to TIME travellers at no extra cost to you.

TIME stands for Tourism Industries Market in Equality - persons with a disability, physical impairments permanent or temporary, wheelchair users & the ever increasing ageing population.

However we don't want to be exclusive to TIME travellers the same way the tourism industry is mainly exclusive to non-TIME travellers, therefore we have created AAR to be used as a hotel booking website for everyone.

We live in an ever changing world - particularly with regards to technological advancements and at AAR, we still can't believe that within the 10 years it has taken to get the industry to listen & get the project off the ground, accessible room booking is still not possible in real time on multiple hotel brand booking websites.

We don't believe it is acceptable to only be able to request an accessible room, you should be able to book it too. What is a TIME traveller to do if the accessible room is unavailable at check in? We are here to encourage hotel to make accessible rooms available online, no more worry or lengthy pre-trip phone calls, embarrassment or hassle.

The great news is we are living longer, however, sadly, that can come with age related ailments and mobility problems and many of us still love to travel. Let's not forget the millions of disabled people around the world who have ever increasing means, lust for life and zest for trips away from home but for who, in this day and age booking accessible rooms in real time on the big hotel booking websites is difficult. This is a multi-billion $$$ industry - ridiculous huh?

Well, until now...

We do the hard work so you don't have to

AAR forms contracts with each hotel that features on the website and all the hotels' web pages has been viewed and approved (on information provided by the hotel) before going live on AAR. By doing this, we can provide GAAS ratings & access information and we are able to negotiate great rates for you, our customers. What's more, we don't charge you for the privilege - we take a commission from the hotel after you have completed your stay.

We believe we supply online hotel booking the way it should be - access to all rooms for everyone, wheelchair access hotels, hotels for disabled, hotels for everyone.

We also believe every hotel world-wide should have an access (GAAS) rating just as they do a quality grading, times must change & our mission is to make this happen. We have created a very simple and easy method for choosing & booking a hotel online, with the information you need to enjoy your stay. However we know that improvements sometimes need to be made, so please forward any comments you may have to: customer.service@accessallrooms.com

Meet The Team
2012 Paralympic Torch Bearer & Managing Director - James A K Price

Image of James Price"After breaking my neck in 1999 & becoming two thirds paralysed & wheelchair dependant, I quickly became aware of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities & impairments in everyday life, more so when trying to travel. Spending 21 years of my life unaware & ignorant to disability I understand how this segment of the travel market & disabled people in general can be ignored & unappreciated. I have been fortunate to retain independence & travel the world over, as a sportsman in wheelchair rugby & athletics, the BBC Holiday show & as Director for GB Wheelchair Rugby - which again enabled me to experience a great many things - good & bad experiences travelling & booking hotels with a disability. For the past 12 years I have had a mission to improve the world of travel & hotel booking for people such as me, but in a way that is inclusive - not exclusive to anyone. I have always hated that tour operator brochures & most mainstream holiday / hotel booking websites that do not feature even the smallest amount of basic information to help people who are disabled, wheelchair users or physically impaired - Even more so that accessible rooms in hotels are not bookable in real time, it just isn't fair. Well, we're here to change that & I couldn't be more proud along with my two fellow business partners Charles & Nichola to bring you www.accessallrooms.com, a revolution in online hotel booking!! I hope you enjoy the booking experience & hotels on our website - please do give us feedback so we can continually improve what we do!"

Charles G Mayhew - Director

Image of Charles MayhewI am incredibly excited to see accessallrooms.com & GAAS provide a solution to a very real problem of booking the right accommodation for your needs. Having travelled with James for the last nine years I have witnessed first-hand the problems he has faced. Apart from travelling with James I have been involved with some of his endeavours under his guise of development director for Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby, where I was again face to face with many of the players & the problems they encounter on a daily basis. It's fair to say that after a charity wheelchair rugby fundraiser match organised by James where I was lucky (or unlucky!) enough to take part in the brutality of it all! I gained a further appreciation for what it's like every day for these active, independent & determined individuals. I couldn't be more thrilled to be helping deliver a travel website that will benefit all.

Nichola Cain - Director, Marketing & PR

Image of Nicola CainI met James back in 2006 while holidaying in the Maldives & was immediately struck by the boundaries he faced as a disabled person. Activities which I took for granted, such as boarding boats & sea planes or simply visiting the beach, proved to be a struggle for those with restricted mobility. As I got to know James, it suddenly dawned on me from talking to James how many people have similar issues when booking a get-away & how it limited independence & choices for those individuals. After all, holidays are supposed to be relaxing, not restrictive. James quite often had to spend time on the phone asking hotels basic questions such as dimensions of the bathroom door. Whilst the website said he could access the hotel & his room, quite often he would find his wheelchair wouldn't fit into the bathroom! This information took time as invariably the person answering the phone wouldn't have the answers to his questions & would have to go away & measure the doorway. If he was lucky they would take the time to call him back. One of my close friend's mother has rheumatoid arthritis & she has to carefully plan her holidays as the information she needs is just not available on-line. These difficulties were highlighted further when my mum broke her ankle a couple of years ago & again we didn't realise how little information there is on-line. As a PR & Marketing expert I teamed up with James to help spread the word about Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby providing pro bono PR support to the team. I personally felt that The 2012 Paralympic Games had such an impact here in the UK & abroad. The country got behind our Paralympians & it is certainly safe to say that awareness & education has increased tenfold. However, there is still a long way to go. I am proud to be part of this initiative & to be able to help provide people with quick & accurate information to plan their trips. James has spotted a huge gap in the market & one which will have a huge benefit to all those involved.

Did You Know...?
  • Over 90% of people will experience disability at some point in their lives
  • One child in 20 in the UK has a disability
  • Almost 20% of the working population in the UK is disabled - that's almost 7 million people
  • In countries with life expectancies over 70 years of age, people spend on average about 8 years, or 11.5 per cent of their life span, living with disabilities.
  • Europe (25 countries within the union) consists of around 45 million persons with a long standing health problem or impairment (LSHPD). UK has 10 million, France just under 10 million & Germany over 6 million (page 36)
  • UK has 450,000 wheelchair users, 8.7 million deaf/hard of hearing & 1.8 million blind or partially sighted of which 18,000 people are regular brail readers. (Page 52)
  • Of 54 million Americans with disabilities, 39 million are actual or potential travellers. (I.e. persons who have both the economic & physical ability to travel).

Disabled World News - World health & disability statistics & facts including country & state population with disabilities: