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Access All Rooms Blog

Malta, a place of stunning culture
There is so many things you might not know about Malta, so many hidden treasures and so much to enjoy.

With no worry at all about accessibility, Malta is a fantastic getaway for anyone who fancies a break somewhere rich in culture. Built up of three islands, you will find yourself lost in the beauty of one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world.

Take Valletta for example, the walled city was established in the 1500s and to this day boasts interesting architecture whilst overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Sounds heavenly right?

Why is being a pilot such a great job?
Airline pilot, Mark Vanhoenacker, says that no matter how much he flies and how many times he visits somewhere new, he will always get the same buzz.

Mark explains just how much he loves the feeling of getting off the plane, walking through the terminal and being greeted by all the new sights, sounds and smells of a different location.

As you may know, I am a great lover of travelling, therefore this seems like a fantastic job to me. And Mark is right, you really can not get enough of stepping foot on new ground.

There is an unimaginable amount of amazing sights to get out and see in the world, but the question is, what is on your bucket list to go and see?

From the Northern Lights to the Table Top Mountain in Cape Town and even the Great Pyramid of Giza, there is so much out there! You should not let your accessibility requirements get in the way, whether you have a sensory impairment, physically disability or are elderly. There is no reason to hold back from visiting your dream location.

I know I definitely want to go and see the Northern Lights some point soon. If you are having any difficulties finding accommodation that will make this achievable for you, just have a look through the listings on the website.

Have you made your way over to Dublin before?
Whether you are a fan of a nice pint of Guinness or you are more one to enjoy the Dublin bike scheme, I would definitely recommend a visit.

The Guinness storehouse passes out 10 million pints a day. The hops can be smelt from any part of the city and, so follow the smell and visit the storehouse museum. There is also an amazing art scene in Dubin, it is always had a large selection of art galleries and museums and they never fail to impress.

Have you ever thought of getting the latest travel app?
Holidays used to be a time where you were out of connection with others, all you had was yourself and wherever you were staying. However, with the growing capabilities of smart phones, you are never without something that will help you in an array of situations.

From booking your holiday, to getting a map and even helping to learn a language, there is so many apps you can now download on your phone. I found this article by the Express quite interesting - http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/686444/Seven-genius-travel-apps-you-NEED-for-your-holiday-duolingo-xe-tripadvisor
Do you dream of retiring early and travelling the world?
Anita Dhake, a Chicago Lawyer retired at the age of 33 to travel the world. With some fantastic saving skills and a few tactics, she was able to make her dream a reality.

Do you wish you could do exactly the same? Read this article by The Daily Mail and find out exactly how Anita managed this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3674505/Get-hedonistic-treadmill-Woman-retired-33-travel-world-says-thrifty-spending-smart-saving.html 

Travelling with a disability, making the most of it
After I was left two-thirds paralysed from a skiing accident in 1999, I decided not to let my disability beat me. Since then I have been travelling numerous times, not letting my disability stop me from doing what I love.

With a little bit of careful planning, you too can travel wherever you like, whenever you like. Using Access All Rooms hotel booking website will ensure that your accommodation is suitable for all your requirements, all you need to do on top of this is research a little about where you are visiting and focus on the places that will cater for your requirements.

If you have any further issues and would like some advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. customer.service@accessallrooms.com
If you are into amazing sights and animals, then visit Cape Town
Many people might not be aware of it, but Cape Town is packed with lots of natural sights. Whether the Table Mountain excites you, or it’s the whales and Cape Baboons that do it for you, there is so much to capture.

On top of all of this, Cape Town has a spectacular harbour and beautifully cultured streets, all amounting so such a varied and exciting destination for your next trip.

New hotel accessibility video blogs

Founder of the Global Access Award Scheme and Access All Rooms James Price will be posting intermittent video blogs on hotels and access - please click here to see the first one of these exciting new additions!

Blog Update and Accessibility video - CLICK ME!

Have you ever thought of visiting Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, the heart of the worlds film and television industry. If you fancy taking to the streets of some of your favourite films then this is the place for you, set in one of the most extreme environments, you can enjoy its sunny climate and beautiful beaches.

Now, I completely understand the struggles that people face when travelling with a disability, but the truth is it is all about finding the perfect accommodation. Have a look at this hotel here - http://bit.ly/29kD7Ui

Do you have a family to keep entertained?
If you have a few younger members of your family, you will understand how important it is to keep them entertained. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can make this a little easier.

Have you thought of making use of the swimming pool that might be included in your villa? Perhaps a family Olympics could keep everyone entertained, or even pack an inflatable dingy, which can supply endless amounts of fun.

Why not encourage some drawing of your surroundings? Maybe you have got some old buildings near you to doodle, you will be surprised how engrossed your little ones can get.

Are you a lover of Greece?

For a lot of us, visiting Greece is the holiday of our dreams. Sun, sand and history, there is so much for everyone to enjoy and stay entertained. For many other people, however, the thought of getting away can cause anxiety and disappointment.

It is my aim to ensure people, no matter what requirements you may have, they can never stop you from travelling to where you want. Greece in particular is a place where nobody should miss out on, its stunning setting alone is a sight you will never forget. 

Does a destinations food help you decide where you want to go?
A new survey suggests that nearly a third of travellers decide on where they want to visit depending on the food that they offer.

Food is something that we all enjoy very much and it can become what we plan our holiday around, so why not research what the food is like before you book a getaway?

I ca not resist visiting Spain and enjoying some seafood paella, a personal favourite of mine which is on a whole other level overseas!

The Daily Mail has written an article on this, it is worth a read - http://dailym.ai/28IIIUA

Sometimes you do not need to travel abroad for a good time
You might not think of Wales to be a terrifically exciting place to visit, but there are so many more attractions to visit than you may initially think. With the National Museum, Wales Millennium Centre and Cardiff Castle, there’s something for everyone.

For a selection of fully accessible hotels in Cardiff, have a look at our listings - http://www.accessallrooms.com/Disabled-Holidays-Hotel/cardiff/

Have you ever thought of hitchhiking?
Two students have travelled 600 miles across Scotland, spending no money and only taking their backpacks, a bag of oats and a bag of rice. They have hitched 17 lifts from people driving from other countries, in attempt to show people how generous others can be as well as the fact you don’t need money to have a good time.

Sounds interesting right? Have a read of an article on it here - http://bit.ly/28IkHd1

Ever thought of visiting Brussels?
Some friends of mine recently visited Brussels, they were amazed by both the culture and the beauty of the city itself. The food is said to be spectacular, the beer is amazing and of course the chocolate is to die for.

If you are thinking of visiting somewhere where you can enjoy good food, a great city and not have to worry about finding a hotel that is suitable for your requirements then I have a boutique hotel in mind. http://bit.ly/28Izk5n - This is somewhere that will cater for all of your requirements in a private setting with fantastic customer service.

Holiday tips for people with disabilities
Trying to plan a successful holiday is stressful enough, let alone with the added pressure when taking a disability into account. Wherever you will be visiting, there are more adaptations and facilities available for the disabled than you may think, you just need to know where to look.

The Irish Times have published an article with tips on holidays for people with disabilities; I found it useful so thought I would share this with you. Have a read - http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/holiday-tips-for-people-with-disabilities-1.2676771

There are a lot of things that we do not always think about when travelling with a disability
For those who have a physical disability, there are so many things to think about when travelling. For a lot of us, we may take simple things such as getting around town and air travel for granted and do not think about the difficulties other people may face.

Whether you could do with some information on air travel with a disability, service animals or getting around town, have a look at this article by Zing! - http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/wheels-traveling-physical-disability  
A very unique property has recently been adapted, providing a perfect getaway for disabled people and their families. The historic Moat House promises to offer tourism to boost the town, by offering a unique facility that has been developed over a couple of years.

With suitable adaptation such as X-Y ceiling hoists and a passenger lift, this sure is not any old building that are usually difficult to get along with, even for those of us without a disability.

There is an article hear with more information - http://www.dng24.co.uk/historic-house-turned-into-unique-holiday-home/

For disabled children aged 8 and over, life can sometimes become frustrating and lonely due to their condition. A national charity, Sense, has launched a short-break and Saturday club for 8-year olds onwards to attend.

This is an attempt to provide confidence to those younger ones with a disability, giving them the opportunity to make friends and build connections with other people with similar conditions. Ultimately preventing them from feeling alone.

Enfield Independent has written an article on this, have a look here - http://bit.ly/1VKqnrM

You have all heard it, New York, the city that never sleeps, there is always something going on. With the Lincoln Centre for performing arts you can enjoy the largest centre of performing arts in the world, whereas the city itself may appeal to you more from a shopping perspective.

If you fancy visiting New York, take a look at this completely accessible hotel - http://bit.ly/1tePSqp

Europe in general is well known for its huge range of culture and characteristic attractions, whether you are interested in the architecture of a city or the food of a nation, there’s so much to go and see.

The problem lies with deciding where to go! These days you can pick up a flight for next to nothing and there is no need to worry about any access requirements you may have. With help from Access All Rooms, hotels accessibility adaptations are highlighted, making sure that you don’t miss out on any destinations you wish to visit.

If you are interested in reading more about where to visit in Europe this summer, have a look here - http://travel.aol.co.uk/2016/05/09/where-to-go-on-holiday-in-europe-this-summer

A lot of people feel as if they need to take a trip to perhaps Spain or Italy to get a taste for some real hot holiday weather. But this year England can expect to tan in the summer highs 33 degrees.

This may not quite be the record-breaking summer some people are after, but it is certainly a temperature we can all get out and enjoy! Why not head down to the beaches of Newquay or Southwold?
Sometimes visiting a hotel is not quite exciting enough, alternative holiday opportunities are on the rise and becoming increasingly popular. Spending your week on a barge whilst gently cruising a canal may not appeal to everyone, but for some it is the perfect getaway.

Unfortunately, this type of holiday hasn’t always been available or suitable for those of us with accessibility requirements, until now. At Waterways Experiences in Hemel Hempstead, a group of volunteers have visited the Grand Union Canal to celebrate a hoist, which has been specifically designed so that the disabled can enjoy canal trips.

If you would like to find out more, then read this article by Hemel Today - http://www.hemeltoday.co.uk/news/more-news/hoist-will-enable-disable-people-to-enjoy-canals-1-7417989

If you have a family and often take trips away, then you are bound to understand just how stressful it can be to get everyone packed up and for those with accessibility requirements it’s a fuss that they sometimes do not need.

Thankfully, The Telegraph has published an article with 13 tips for families who are going travelling, in attempt to make their holidays easier. If this is something that you could do with, then have a look at it - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/family-holidays/visa-family-travel-tips/travel-hacks-to-make-your-holidays-easier/