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Welcome to the Global Access Award Scheme (GAAS) hotel booking website Access All Rooms.

Membership includes the following benefits:

License Fee: GAAS rating and Access All Rooms listing is licensed annually with a very low flat fee equivalent to just 10 per month!

The first step of the process is to register here

In 2015 the value of overnight trips by groups which included persons travelling with a physical impairment, in England alone reached 3.2 Billion. The value of the disabled market in the USA was valued at $17.4 Billion, is this market share one you can afford to miss out on?

GAAS was designed by James Price who is quadriplegic after a spinal injury and a fully dependant wheelchair user, to enable accommodation providers and accessible needs customers to access each other more effectively.

GAAS is a simple and effective online hotel rating system which grades hotels on their level of accessibility. It is not designed to discredit hotels with less accessible facilities but to advise the customers of what the hotel has, allowing the customer to make the decision as to whether the hotel is accessible for their needs. This in turn opens up hotels to potentially a much larger customer base.

GAAS Membership is completed by submitting an access facilities questionnaire and access specific photographs for hotel rating (30 minute job), this information is then combined automatically to create the GAAS rating and also the Access All Rooms listing.